Tuesday, February 11, 2020

PM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

PM - Essay Example The use of the internet is an important source of information in our daily lives. The nurses in Pleasant Manor center would therefore be able to research and gain more knowledge about the various nursing interventions. This would boost the level of service delivery of the nurses to the patients. With technological developments worldwide, a patient’s medical history can be found in through shared government websites. Access to such previous information would assist the nurses to make relevant diagnosis hence correct nursing interventions. Moreover, the use of computers connected to the internet assist in the storage of files and their retrieval. As opposed to the traditional shelving of files, the storage and retrieval of information is made easier because computer files are easier to access (Locsin, 2001). This has resulted to efficiency and reduction of workers hence reduction of expenses. An aberrometer is a device that is used in the checking of the eye defects. This latest technology allows a keen analysis of the eye parts hence unexpected occurrences are identified at an early stage. The use of this technology by Pleasant Manor would boost efficiency in its eye treatment wing thus resulting to patient satisfaction. Apart from the common gym equipment such as weight plates, properly leveled benches, leg machines, etc. Pleasant Manor should introduce the latest versions of the gym equipment. This modern equipment are electronically connected to some parts of the body hence they are able to determine the levels of heartbeat, amount of calories utilized, rate of exercise etc (Czar, 2012). Therefore, the use of this modern technological gym equipment would ensure quality exercise by the patients. Technology can be used to create the necessary entertainment to patients especially those in the hospice wing. By use of 3D movie screens, play

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